Saturday, June 28, 2014

Got something on my wish list!

Okay not really, it's on my admin "wish list" for things I'd like to get but it's not anything fun or whatever. More for peace of mind and convenience, especially with 2 kids.

I am now a CAA member.

I feel this makes me officially a member of The Minivan Club. It's something I was deciding on before but Benny is pretty against it, kind of like he's against extended warranties. This, however, I see is a saving grace we need because I can't deal with car troubles and nutso kids. If CAA can cut through that thinking with me, then....

Why CAA though? Long story short, I was stuck at Ikea with a deadweight Odyssey and one of the staff members used their CAA membership to help me out. The diagnostic showed that we essentially needed a new battery, which we knew about but didn't think it'd come less than a week after ownership of the van was transferred to us. We would have driven it to the dealership but they are really busy and if they couldn't get to it, they would keep the car for 4 days until Wednesday. Um, no.

So, CAA members we are. I can now breathe easier when I'm out with the kiddos and don't have to worry if we get stuck in the middle of somewhere. And maybe that's a good thing to get for my birthday weekend.

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