Friday, June 27, 2014

It's almost my birthday so I'll wish-list if I want to

Posting up wish lists is always a delicate thing. Heck, posting anything up in this blog-eat-blog world is delicate, thoughts made into some sort of reality waiting to be devoured - happily, snappishly, or critically - by the masses. But wish lists can make a reader feel obligated, perhaps, to help fulfill these wishes and make the wisher grin from ear to ear. Or maybe that's just me and my mushy heart. And this mushy heart doesn't want you, dear reader, to feel obligated, so I am posting this up waaaay to close to my birthday for anyone to feel the necessity to run out and get me Essie, OPI or ... what rhymes with "zed"? Burberry-ed? Or I can just stick with "zee" and use Burberry unadulterated...?

And here I have digressed within my digression. That is one downside to writing off the cuff at 2am after a day out with the kids for the first time to the ROM. It was fun, by the way, and not as stressful as it could have been. Planning was key. If only I did that in all areas of my life....

But I digress. Again. And so here is my list. Judge me, squeal with me, criticize me... heck, it's just a wish list. This is my little way to stop and smell the roses, appreciating the little goodies the commercial world out there has offered for me (and you!) to devour.

In no particular order....

~ Burberry Beauty items
  - Lip Glow Balm (Pink Azalea, but any would do)
  - Fresh Glow B.B. Cream (for Asian skin No. 02)
  - Fresh Glow blush
  - Blueberry lip mist
~ Butter London
  - Lushington
  - Keen
  - No More Waitie Katie
  - Trifle
~ Jason Mraz concert tickets (he'll be coming to Toronto eventually)
~ Tula baby carrier (toddler)
~ Essie
  - Ruffles & Feathers
  - Strut Your Stuff
  - Resort Fling
  - Under The Twilight
~ Dutch oven (Lodge or Creuset is fine)
~ Living Proof Perfect Hair Day shampoo and conditioner
~ NARS Matte Multiple in Altai or Exumas)
~ RMT massages, any length of time!
~ Godiva truffles, preferably dark chocolate, raspberry, mint choco chip
~ Facial (from a reputable place, not just a spa that makes things look nice or from a revolving door clinic-like wannabe spa)
~ MAC C.C. cream in... the yellow one
~ Anthropologie sweater moto jacket with hood in moss
~ Balzac cake from Rahier bakery

Aaaaand I'm phasing out. It's late. There are more items but I'm nodding off while I think more. I'll add to this list later, and hopefully highlight items that I *really* want, since it's a bit monstrous already. Ha, maybe I'll do a top10 list........ =P

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