Friday, June 28, 2013

New Burberry Beauty and no one's heard of it?? =O

Sorry if you already read the Specktra post but I'm too tired to spew anything new.  Please forgive me!

THEY HAVE NEW PRODUCTS!!!!! Sorry, I am sooo surprised and excited, especially since I search every week or so for any news (what me, obsessed?). I took a few pictures but not the best as I was stunned just to see them so my brain wasn't functioning as it could have. =P They were also taken with just my iPhone, no flash, but hopefully enough to give a decent idea of what the items are like.  I'll have to post those later as I don't know how to from my phone.

Anyhoo, on to the goods. These are palettes with 2 cream shadows/liners and one powder shadow. One is olive & teal creams with a golden powder, the other blackened red and dark teal (reminds me of Beauty Marked and Deep Truth+Submarine!) with a bronzey powder.

Left: lighter palette
Right: darker palette

I don't think the cream counterparts will be great for summer tho as I was able to wipe off my swatches fairly cleanly with just a tissue as I was leaving the store. I'm really intrigued tho and wish I had more time to play with them but I had only strolled in on a whim before dinner. I might still get one of the palettes, just don't know which one!

Almost forgot - fresh glow is now available in powder form AND in a bronzey shade! So each shade comes in both powder and liquid form. Texture is smooth and buttery as usual, subtle sheen as the original Fresh Glow. =D Oh, and Nude Gold lip glow is back - definitely getting that! (Sorry, forgot to take a photo of the swatch I did)

Fresh Glow powders
Top: original shade
Bottom: new bronzey shade
(Sorry forgot about the liquid bronzey Fresh Glow)

I may end up with both of these and the Nude Gold lip glow as there is a gift-with-purchase at Holt Renfrew until Saturday.  I'll find out more about the gwp first before I decide.  =)  Oh, the palettes are $50Cdn each.
Here's to hoping for more info over the next few days!