Monday, March 25, 2013

Notes from discussion on Emerging Churches

On Friday I was invited to a Q&A on emerging churches with Pastor Gene Templemeyer of Spring Garden Baptist Church. Here are some thoughts I ws able to jot down. Not much but I could type only so fast on my iPhone! I'll link to his blog later today.

Theology should be a way to measure a church, but not the way.

Apostle's Creed as the dance floor for theology: It gives us the parameters to dance around the details.

The one advantage white Canadian churches may have to ethnic churches is that they are so close to dead that they're desperate for change.

Re conservative theology w liberal execution/application:
Emerging isn't either-or so much as both-and; liberal and conservative don't exactly apply.
- dynamic balance instead of one only.

We don't want to follow culture, we want to speak into culture. We need then to know about it but also critique it.