Thursday, August 2, 2012

Makeup Mondays: Moisturizing Mileage update

I've posted the pictures to go with the original entry here as well.  Sorry it took awhile!

Tube cut in half.

Here's what's inside.  Mind you, there was 3x this much when I first cut it!  This is after 2 weeks of use post-surgery on tube.  I also scraped product from the top half into this bottom half.

Just squeeze the bottom half until it "folds" a bit and can be inserted into the top half.

Baby Thursdays

Are you a parent-to-be?  Wary of all the poopie messes and beyond that are coming your way?

Have no fear!  Or at least, less fear.. there's this great product that helps get out organic stains so your whites won't (necessarily) have yellow-brown continent shapes on them.  It's Buncha Farmers' Stain Remover.  It works on poop, food, even grass, so you will definitely have use of these beyond the first year. just had 3-for-2 sale but these are worth buying just on their own.  We saved a good bunch of white onesies with Derek, which was especially great since we borrowed those!  Some of the shirts would be stained just like this wall....

... but after a bit of rubbing the remover on and putting it through the wash, things came out good as they were before.

These are usually available in most baby stores - I've seen them at Dearborn Baby and Once Upon A Child - but since has free shipping on orders $40 or more, I'd throw it in with an order from there.  I also find that Snuggle Bugz has a better website than Dearborn.