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Here are (...will be) links to ideas and funnies to keep us parents sane, however briefly.  If you have any to suggest, email me and I'll post them up!

Parents - WARNING: This site contains crass humour, reference to offensive language and lots of humiliation.  If you can't stand any of these, please avoid this site.

Moms - they have Mommy Days!  One or two days a month, they have a nanny come over to baby sit your child while you have a massage by a wonderful and oh-so-knowledgeable Registered Massage Therapist (RMT).  Much better than any spa place and no tip expected as this is more of a clinic than a general relaxation environment (i.e. spa).  To top things off, these should be covered by benefits so you'll be reimbursed most (if not all) of the treatment!  Check your benefit plan details for coverage.  Unless they've changed them, Mommy Days are the 2nd Tues and last Thurs of every month.  Dads are welcome too of course!


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