Wednesday, June 11, 2014

#ONPOLI: Make Your Vote Count

Many of us feel like we have our hands tied when it comes to the Ontario Election. I don't have much time to wax on about it but here are my thoughts in recent Facebook posts/comments and I'm pretty much going to vote... by declining my vote.

Sorry for the cut n paste but the kiddos will be waking from nap time soon and I still have chores to do!

Oh but before that: Christian parents, don't vote for Conservatives simply because it will keep weird sex things out of our school curriculum. Please let it be more than that, and please don't let your child(ren)'s education be lacking in schooling from home, especially on current events. If kids don't learn about weird and contradicting things at home and/or don't have a safe place to talk about these things at home, they will go elsewhere and learn from someone else. Banning these topics DOES NOT equate keeping your children safe!

Decline your ballot. Force the parties to come up with plans which are less extreme, practical and helpful to people. Personally, a sex-ed curriculum is something I can work with as education is should really be moulded and shaped in the home. I'm not in favour of it, but if we/I can't find a job in 5 years or health issues can't be addressed or education suffers overall due to insufficient staffing, I can't look back and say "Well at least we don't have weird stuff talked about during sex ed which our children will come across anyway and we, as parents, can ask our children to be excused from."

 I can't believe or trust Hudak after he's been caught in contradictions and misrepresentations. Even his campaign kick off was insincere. And I don't know of any business which would actually use their tax cuts to hire more people. There's no incentive, it's just a hand out of a different nature.

Even if the "decline your vote" movement is backed by Conservative, it is a neutral tool, neither blue nor red, to be used by voters and can have a powerful impact. But as said above, regardless of which party and its leader is elected, let's keep praying for Ontario so that the "evil", whether lesser or greater, can redeem itself when in government.

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