Friday, June 28, 2013

New Burberry Beauty and no one's heard of it?? =O

Sorry if you already read the Specktra post but I'm too tired to spew anything new.  Please forgive me!

THEY HAVE NEW PRODUCTS!!!!! Sorry, I am sooo surprised and excited, especially since I search every week or so for any news (what me, obsessed?). I took a few pictures but not the best as I was stunned just to see them so my brain wasn't functioning as it could have. =P They were also taken with just my iPhone, no flash, but hopefully enough to give a decent idea of what the items are like.  I'll have to post those later as I don't know how to from my phone.

Anyhoo, on to the goods. These are palettes with 2 cream shadows/liners and one powder shadow. One is olive & teal creams with a golden powder, the other blackened red and dark teal (reminds me of Beauty Marked and Deep Truth+Submarine!) with a bronzey powder.

Left: lighter palette
Right: darker palette

I don't think the cream counterparts will be great for summer tho as I was able to wipe off my swatches fairly cleanly with just a tissue as I was leaving the store. I'm really intrigued tho and wish I had more time to play with them but I had only strolled in on a whim before dinner. I might still get one of the palettes, just don't know which one!

Almost forgot - fresh glow is now available in powder form AND in a bronzey shade! So each shade comes in both powder and liquid form. Texture is smooth and buttery as usual, subtle sheen as the original Fresh Glow. =D Oh, and Nude Gold lip glow is back - definitely getting that! (Sorry, forgot to take a photo of the swatch I did)

Fresh Glow powders
Top: original shade
Bottom: new bronzey shade
(Sorry forgot about the liquid bronzey Fresh Glow)

I may end up with both of these and the Nude Gold lip glow as there is a gift-with-purchase at Holt Renfrew until Saturday.  I'll find out more about the gwp first before I decide.  =)  Oh, the palettes are $50Cdn each.
Here's to hoping for more info over the next few days!


  1. Hi :)
    Thank you for your swatches, very helpful. Strange how I did not see these cream eyeshadow trios as part of the Fall Collection. Kinda disappointed to see Burberry release something so-so. Hope this is not due to the new manufacturer :( I'm really looking forward to the new nail polish & new lip mist shades in Rosewood, Trench Kiss, & Oxblood. From your pic it looks like they didn't get the lip product testers just yet & put stand ins like putting Nude Gold in for the new Trench Kiss lip glow & Mallow pink in for new Oxblood lip glow. Also curious about the new Multi-use Kajal crayons. If you have a chance ask the SA about those so you don't miss out on them ;) Or maybe I could be wrong & the list of new items I saw are to be release near Christmas time?
    Again thank you for the swatches- just cuz it's Burberry I might be tempted to get the lighter trio of the 2, lol
    x Maria

  2. Glad to help the makeup community when I can (which these days isn't very often). I don't think these are for fall, I think it's part of a late summer collection. I believe the English Rose launch was for early spring after the Siren Red collection (which was absolutely gorgeous!).

    I'm really looking forward to Oxblood. I'm thinking of getting it in lipstick and polish - and gloss if they have it! I've ordered the 2 palettes to try out. Check back in about a week for swatches!